RFID 101

New to the world of RFID? Let us show you the basics before we get into how we can improve the way you do business. Lets start with the basic components of an RFID system.

Functional Summary – The Four Components of an RFID System.
A Tag or Transponder, carrying our proprietary EEPROM IC with 16 characters of memory. Once this passive device enters the Read Head’s RF field it is powered up and begins transmitting its data.Pictured are a few Tag examples and their internal componentry.

A Read Head/Antenna, powered by the Reader and linked via 12′ of supplied cable, constantly broadcasts an RF signal and waits for a Tag’s reply.Pictured are two Read Head examples.

A Reader, powering the Read Head, receives the digitally coded Tag data from the Read Head, filters, boosts and digitally transmits the data to the Interface up to 5000′ away.Pictured is one of example of several models.

An Interface, simply transfers the signal into an understandable computer language, like serial for a PC port or parallel (binary) for a PLC.Pictured are two Interface examples.