433 MHz (Active RFID – Up to 2000′)


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The Technology
The ActiveRFID Transponder (Tag) and Reader line is based on internationally recognized 433.92 MHz bandwidth with full FCC certification. This product is also proudly Made in the USA. This is a TTO (Tag Talk Only) communication method from the Tag to the Reader with the following attributes:

  • Replaceable 3 year warranted battery lowering Tag costs over time
  • Automatic range tuning feature either by software command or mechanical switch
  • Low battery LED on Tag and low battery alarm sent to Reader.
  • FCC approved
  • Hundreds of Tags able to be read simultaneously by a single Reader.
  • 3′ to 600′ plus read ranges
  • Other amenities by the Reader include loop detection, relay drivers, outputs of Wiegand, Serial, USB, and Ethernet
  • Hand held Reader with “Find a Tag” mode
  • Antenna internal to the Reader, etched into PCB
  • Relative signal strength (RSSI) from Tag to Reader

Future enhancements will include:

  • Reader outputs in all PLC protocols
  • Tamper proof Tags with alarm feature
  • Tags programmable through RF


  • Vehicle identification
  • Gated entry, private gated communities, employee parking access
  • Identify trucks on scales for empty/full tare weight
  • Locate trucks/trailers for yard management
  • Personnel identification and tracking
  • Miners and equipment underground
  • Asset identification and tracking
  • Widgets in factory floor applications
  • Track and route forklifts in a warehouse
  • Forklift/employee collision alert system

How ActiveRFID Works

Click here to view Active Tag References and Applications Document.
Click here to view Article from Top20 RFID Innovators Award on Vehicle Collision Alert Solution (underground mining) using Active Tags.

The Tags Download PDF

Model ActiveRFID CS (clamshell)
Used primarily as a windshield, dashboard or personnel badgeDimensions: 3.375″ x 2.125″ x .25″
Weight: 2 oz./57 grams
Color: Putty White
Housing: Sealed ABS, IP65
LED: Low Battery Indicator
Model ActiveRFID MM (metal mount)
Future model will be a plastic spacer the above tres-CS Tag snaps into.Dimensions: 3.0″ x 2.0″ x 1.0″
Weight: 4 oz./113 grams
Color: Black
Housing: ABS
Model ActiveRFID AT (Asset)
Completely potted and waterproofDimensions: 4.0″ x 2.12″ x .54″
Weight: 4 oz./113 grams
Color: Black
Housing: Rynite, Potted, IP65



Power Supply: 3V Replaceable Battery
Output Power: 1 mW default 10mW max
Range: 3′ to 600′ plus (Environment Dependent)
Transmission Rate: 2.01 seconds
Transmission Time: 590 microseconds
Battery Life: 3 years warranted
Operational Temperature: -40° F to +185° F/-40° C to +85° C
Humidity: 5% to 90%
Material: UV Stabilized
Approvals: FCC Certification YVUtres433 RoHS Compliant
Extra Features: Anti-Collision, hundreds of simultaneous Tag reads Low Tag battery flag sent to Reader Tamper detection and movement alarm – future release Programmable by Reader – future release


The Readers Download PDF

Model tres-RW (Reader Wiegand)
Model tres-RS (Reader Serial)
Model tres-RE (Reader Ethernet)

Standard features (no additional cost):

  • 3′ to 60′ Read Range w/internal etched Antenna (Omni-Directional read pattern)
  • 600′ plus Read Range w/external directional Antenna (see Model tres-ANT-CP below)
  • Automatic range tuning via switch or software command
  • RSSI (Relative Signal Strength) of Tag to Reader
  • Programmable via USB port
  • Power, Transmit & Receive LED’s
  • Piezo Beeper capable of being enabled/disabled
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure, IP67
  • Loop detection inputs
  • 2 NO relays


Sensitivity: -95 dBm Max
Bandwidth: 541 KHz
Operational Temperature: -40° F to +158° F/-40° C to +70° C
Reader Housing: 4.75″ x 4.75″ x 3.125″
Weight: 13 oz – 365 grams
Max Current: 100 mA @ +12vdc
Supply Voltage: +8 to +24vdc
Communications: USB 1.0/2.0, Serial RS232/485, Wiegand 26/32, TCPIP

Model tres-3036E Hand Held Reader

  • AC power supply/charger included
  • Self contained, no external OS to maintain
  • Unique “Find a Tag” mode
  • Coming soon: Portable Hand Held Computer w/Windows OS, WiFi, 802.11 b/g

External Reader Antenna

Model tres ANT-CP-25 (25′ co-axial cabling and mounting bracket)
Model tres ANT-CP-50 (50′ co-axial cabling and mounting bracket)

Directional external Antenna provides lane discrimination and read ranges of 600′ plus. Yagi Antennas also available to achieve greater ranges.


Reader Housing: Aluminum back plate with plastic front
Dimensions: 12″ x 12″ x 0.86″ – 30.48cm x 30.48cm x 2.2cm
Temperature: -40° F to +158° F/-40° C to +70° C