Starter Kits

New to RFID? Here is your chance to sandbox

Starter Kit Line Summaries:

For in depth details on each product line ask for or refer to the color matched Specifications and Data Sheets.

R3-2, Extend-a-Read, 125 KHz, 13.56MHz or 433MHz Starter’s Kit

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Network 32 Readers
Modbus TCP and RTU
RS232 or RS485
Standard Ethernet
Discrete I/O

System diagram:

ActiveRFID 433 MHz High Frequency Anti-Collision

High Frequency Anti-Collision

433.92 MHz

Read Range 3′ to 300′
Gated Communities Access
Asset Tracking in Office
Employee Access and Tracking
Parking Facilities
Crane Collision Alerts
Mining Vehicle Collision Alerts


125 KHz, 13.56MHz or 433MHz Starter’s Kit

Kits Contain:
Reader/Writer with integrated Antenna
AC Power Supply
Many different Tag Samples
CD-ROM to interface Reader to your PC, Terminal Program
Or customize your own kit by choosing a different Reader, quantities of particular Tags
Extremely easy to use
Plug and Play system
Some SDK files available, this is not intended to be a SDK

For further details on the Starter Kits, please contact our customer service department.

125 KHz Starter’s Kit

433 MHz Ext-Rd Starter’s Kit