R3 (148 Khz – Up to 3′)

R3 Product Information

The R cubed products primarily serve 3 Industrial applications:

  • Tote/Pallet/Carrier identification of your widgets through production
  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Truck/Fleet tracking

Certainly not limited to these 3 applications, the R cubed products excel at any industrial identification need where tough, 100% dependable systems are necessary. R Cubed stands for Rapid, Robust and Reliable.

R3 Transponders

Power: Passive, no defined term of life
Memory: 8, 16 or 32 ASCII characters, 1k bits or 160 ASCII characters will be released in 2002
Programming: R/O or R/W
Frequency: 148 Khz receive, divide by 4 = 37 Khz return
Read Time: 12 to 50 ms, dependent upon Tag memory
Temperatures: -60 to +199 degrees C in most cases, 246 degrees C (475 degrees F) compounds also available
Read Ranges: Up to 1 meter, dependent on Tag and Read Head combination used. See the matrixes on page 2.
Packages: Black Tags are usually potted epoxy in a polyurethane housing White Tags are usually hard plastic shell or laminate
Durability: Potted Tags are extremely durable, inert to practically every acid and solution Direct hits from hammers or forklift tong cannot break the potted units

RFID, inc. will be glad to supply Tags for testing in your extreme environment, free of charge (Technical Specifications of R3 Tags). For information on Tag Data and Programming, click here.

TAG Description Drawing
Model 1770 “ISO Card Tag” Maximum read range of 15”
Credit card size and thickness
Magnetic swipe strip optional
Laminated gloss or matt finish
3.75” x 2.125” x 31 mils
Ask for a mechanical drawing to be emailed to you.
Model 1771 “35mm Disc Tag” Maximum read range of 7” With or w/o center hole Laminate 35mm diameter x 2mm, w/4mm center hole 1.38” x .0625”, w/.15625 center hole
Model 1772 “22mm Disc Tag” Maximum read range of 7” With or w/o center hole Potted 22mm diameter x 3mm thick, w/4mm center hole .875” diameter x .125”, w/.15625 center hole
Model 1773 “Key Chain Tag” Sealed Plastic 2.375” x 1.625” x .125”
Model 1774 “Coffin Tag Tag” Extremely small architecture Plastic .5” x .25” x .125”
Model 1775 “Glass Ampoule Tag” Extremely small architecture Available Q4 2001 2mm diameter x 12mm length
Model 1781M “Bar Tag” Maximum read range of 14” Potted Two mounting holes 3.5” x .90” x .90”
Model 1782M “Mini Bar Tag” Maximum read range of 7” Potted Single mounting hole .73” x 1.72” x .34”
Model 1783 “Tough Thin Tag” Maximum read range of 15.5” Credit card in size with thick plastic shell Optional 1783H attachment housing pictured 2.13” x 3.38” x .16”
Model 1785 “Medium Round Tag” Maximum read range of 15.5” Potted Two mounting holes offer very secure attachment .53” x 3.375” diameter
Model 1786M “Thick Round Tag” Maximum read range of 15.5” Potted Two mounting holes offer very secure attachment 1.19” x 3.35” diameter
Model 1787 “Lipstick Tag” Maximum read range of 14” Potted Cylindrical housing for in floor mounting 2.3” x .75” diameter
Model 1791 “Deck of Cards Tag” w/ read range of 15.5” or Model 1791M “Deck of Cards Tag w/read range of 14” Potted, Two mounting holes 2.17” x 4.05” x .55”
Model 1792 “Poker Chip Tag” Maximum read range of 7” Potted Center hole for mounting 1.25” diameter
Model 1795 “AVI Tag” Maximum read range of 37” Potted Two mounting holes 6” diameter


R3 Read Heads/Antennas
The Read Head is responsible for broadcasting the RF signal and communicating with (sensing) the Tag. If one of these Read Head packages fit your needs, let us know and we will be happy to customize a package for you. Click here for the technical specifications. 
[click on the images to see a larger view] Model Description
5100 Model 5100 Medium Prox Read Head Threaded proximity
Sensor type package
Hex nuts for securing
Model 5101 Small Prox Read Head Threaded proximity
Sensor type package
Hex nuts for securing.
Model 5110 Hockey Puck Read Head Mountable on metal
Several mounting holes
Highly rugged
Model 5120 10.5″ Tubular Read Head Highly rugged
Potted in PVC
Model 5140 4¹x2¹ Extended Range Read Head Sealed in PVC
Bury in the ground or stand up at gate for use in Automatic Vehicle Identification applications
Model 5150 7″x7″ Flat Pack Read Head Sealed in ABS plastic
Multiple mounting possibilities
Model 5160 12″x12″ Flat Pack Read Head Sealed in ABS plastic
Multiple mounting possibilities
5100 Model 5170 21″x17″ Flat Pack Read Head Sealed in ABS plastic
Multiple mounting possibilities
Perfect for underside of Forklift
R3 Readers

The first two Models listed do not need a Read Head as one is integrated into the pcb.

For Reader specifications click here.

(click on the image to see a larger view) Model/ Description
Model 1880E Combo Simplex Reader/Read Head FCC Approved
Model 1885E Combo Multiplex Reader/Read Head
FCC Approved
Model 1840E Simplex Reader
FCC Approved
Approximate size is 4.75″ x 4.75″ x 2″
Model 1845E Multiplexing Reader
FCC Approved
Approximate size is 4.75″ x 4.75″ x 2″
Model 1841E Dual Reader (handles 2 non-addressable Read Heads)
FCC Approved,br> Approximate size is 8″ x 6″ x 3″
R3 Interfaces

There are a multitude of Interfaces, some of which incorporate their own Reader in a single pcb or housing. Each incorporate just about every protocol specification available including protocols of RS232, RS422, RS485, hex or bcd parallel outputs, all baud rates to 9600, modes of operation ranging from simple slave peripherals to intelligent command sets with polling requests, synchronous communications, self tests, etc.

[click on an image to see a larger view] Model Description
2002E simplex serial Interface
Technical Specifications
2022E multiplex serial Interface
Technical Specifications
2024E parallel simplex or multiplex Interface
Technical Specifications
photo unavailable
2025E 64 channel serial to digital converter Interface (CFC protocol switch)
Technical Specifications (currently unavailable)
3030E simplex or multiplex serial Interface with LCD
Technical Specifications
3036E Hand Held Reader Model
Technical Specifications
400XE combination reader and Interface, there are many versions of this series with differing bells and whistles
Technical Specifications

Specifications for Programmer/Hand Held Reader Model 3036E

This Programmer operates stand alone, without the use of a PC, via AC connection or by use of batteries.

No software is required to program Tags
No future software upgrades are needed
No Y2K concerns
Saves the cost of a PC dedicated to programming
Large programming pad area
LCD screen Automatic number generator for sequential programming
Temperature: -40 to +55 degrees C operating
-55 to +85 degrees C non-operating


Tag Data and Programming
With the serial Interfaces, data is sent back to a serial port in the following format: <LF>nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn<CR>, where variable n represents data. If a multiplex system is being used, the Tag data is preceded by a hexadecimal character indicating the Read Station and a space character. If you intend to have Tags programmed at our factory. Orders cannot be accepted until this sheet has been filled out and submitted. This sheet can also be accessed on our web site under the R3 link. Read the instructions on page 10 of this document and fill out the programming sheet on page 11.

With parallel Interfaces, data is sent back in a binary format: 0000 0001 0111 1111 represents 17F as the first 4 digits are reserved for multiplex addresses if applicable.

Instructions for Transponder Programming
These instructions have been made for the purpose of helping our users to order the correct programming information on their RFID Tags. When you order a Tag from us we will ask you to supply the programming numbers you wish to be encoded into the Tag’s memory.

RFID’s Tags have a memory which contains 16 characters. All 16 of those characters must be used. It is a common misbelief that if you want the identification number 99 (ninety-nine) all you need to tell us is “99.”

Not so. We need to know how to fill in the remaining 14 characters. Most users simply desire zeros to be filled into the unused characters, other require dashes. We also need to know whether or not you desire the number 99 to be right, left or center justified.

For example, right justified is:


Left justified is:


Center justified is:


Tags intended for use with our Model 2024E Parallel Interface must be right justified and limited to 4 characters in the simplex mode and 3 characters in the multiplex mode, 0 thru 9 and A thru F.

If you are a current user and do not know the exact programming format your company uses, ask an engineer or technician who works with our equipment. Once you learn this, please keep it in min or noted somewhere for future orders. If you have ordered direct from RFID before, our customer service department can look up your last order and help you determine what programming format to use.

Following is a programming sheet you also need to fill out, sign, and remit with your order.

Note, users of 8 character Tags, please specify on your order that you require 8 character programming by adding a “(8)” to the end fo our Model Number or Part Number. For example, our Model 1792 Tag should be ordered as a 1792(8). Also please fill out the programming sheet filling in only 8 characters. For example the number 99 right justified would be 00000099.