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R3 or R3-2
(Rcubed) or (Rcubed2)
(new users, use only R3-2)
RRapid Robust Reliable Factory, Floor Hardware, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, Modbus, Discrete I/O, TTL, Bluetooth, Serial, USB, Wireless DataLow Frequency Passive125 KHz
148 KHz

Read Range:
1 inch to
1 meter

Industrial Identification
ID Totes, Pallets, Boxes, Bins
Widgets Through Production
ASRS Systems
AGV Location ID
Access Control/Employees
Click here to view the R3-2 Data sheet as PDF.
Click here to view the R3 Data sheet as PDF.

50¢ to $70
Rdrs $50 to $3,0008, 16, or 32 ASCII BytesRW or RO

256 to 4k bits

Active Tag References and Application Stories

Vehicle Collision Alert Story (mining, forklifts)

Ultra High FrequencyTruck/Vehicle ID and Access
Gated Communities Access
Asset Tracking in Office
Employee Access and Tracking
Parking Facilities
Crane Collision Alerts
Mining Vehicle Collision Alerts
Click here to view Data sheet as a PDF.
Click here to view Reader Data sheet as a PDF.
$20 to $30
Rdrs $200 to $2,50016 hex charactersRead Only
NXP, Atmel, Infineon, EM,
STM, Microchip, TI, SokymatISO 15693/14443 A/BHigh Frequency PassiveRead Range: 1 inch to 1 meterOEM or Finished ReadersHaving manufactured thousands of custom 13.56 MHz Readers, please ask us about the possibilities.
Click here to view Data sheet as a PDF.Tags 50¢ to $70Rdrs $50 to $1,000RW or RO256 bits to 32k bytes
UHF (Ultra high frequency)Ultra High FrequencyOEM level MicroReadersPrintable labels RW or RO1k to 2k bitsStarter’s Kit
Read Only or Read WriteKit contains: Reader withAntenna AC Power Supply, CD ROM Tag samples to your request125 KHz
13.56 MHz
433 MHzAllows user to become familiar with the technology or begin to build their own API software platforms/hardware. Not a SDK, however some VB code available upon requestClick here for more information.$499Frequency Dependent

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