References: Below are a few specific contacts who will be happy to give us sterling references, attesting to the durability of the product and the technical support provided, but more can be made available upon request.

SI/Baker, Inc.
John Bilodeau
Project Manager
600 Kuebler Road
Easton, PA 18040
We have twice sent a technician onsite (SD & PA) with only 12 hours notice to assist his efforts.

Joel Patterson
740 King Edward Avenue
Cleveland, TN 37311
These folks will attest to our product’s durability, and the years it has been operation.

Tony Rose
Pierce Street at 3rd Avenue
Kingston, PA 18704
Their customer attempted to buy direct, through another integrator. We refused the order and remained loyal to the original distributor, who finally got the order.

Michael Denney
2105 Eagle Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76177
We have delivered onsite technical support several times and pulled production shifts Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to accommodate their product needs.